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Stencil Pro is an all in one mobile mapping system to scan, process and view capture data in real-time, providing high-definition 4K panoramic imagery and colourised point clouds.  With a range of 200 metres, a data rate of 600,000 points per second and a 32 channel high-density, low noise LiDAR, it is a mapping platform capable of delivering highly accurate 3D models in minutes, whether indoors or outdoors, in a wide range of environmental conditions.

The system’s SLAM capabilities enable it to operate in areas where GNSS is denied – such as indoor, underground, under the canopy, or in urban canyons – and is also fully geo-enabled for applications where the addition of a GNSS signal is essential.

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A professional-grade laser scanner offering extraordinary dimensional and visual fidelity, Stencil Pro is the innovative mobile mapping solution that provides rapid, accurate reality capture in almost any environment.


  • Mobile surveying
  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Earthworks
  • Construction


360° Colour

Stencil Pro captures high resolution 360° imagery with four 8-megapixel color cameras, enhancing an already comprehensive 3D model by creating a visual record of current project conditions, as-built environments, and corridor mapping projects. The integration of 3D and high-quality imagery data can improve or speed up the object identification process utilized by geospatial or machine-based learning applications and real-time change detection when compared to point cloud data alone.



With an IP65 rating, Stencil Pro is safeguarded against adverse elements such as dirt, dust, fog and rain, making it the ideal tool for infrastructure mapping, mining, forestry, earthworks, construction and other harsh environments. Stencil Pro’s rugged and versatile design is adaptable to many environments, capturing data amidst poor weather, dusty work environments, and below-ground cavities or when mounted on vehicles, locomotives, ATVs and other platforms.



Stencil Pro uses simultaneous mapping and localization in GNSS-denied environments, but also has an integrated Trimble GNSS receiver to achieve best-in-class, low-drift accuracy while mapping over longer ranges. GNSS data is collected, corrected via PPK or RTK, and used to align and geo register data, providing global accuracy and further enhancing the fidelity of large area scans and long, linear scan paths.


High Density

With a 32 line lidar, Stencil Pro includes a greater field of view giving the operator more data points for the same or less time on site. It has a range of up 200 m (656 ft) for faster coverage of the site with the same accuracy known and depended upon from Kaarta. With Stencil Pro, low noise algorithms filter through the datasets in real time to reduce the amount of false measurements.

The combination of high-resolution 3D perception and a broad vertical field of view enables Stencil Pro to accurately detect ground-level surfaces as well as overhead elements, mapping detail such as curbs, manholes, signs, and poles. The durable configuration makes Stencil Pro ideal for vehicle mounted applications, resulting in extremely fast surveys for large-scale projects.



Stencil Pro is the mobile mapping platform that goes anywhere – in just about any environment. It is small enough to hand carry yet flexible enough to mount to a variety of transports such as a roadway vehicle, ROV, robot, ATV or rail traveling 40kph [25mph] for highest density or up to 95kpm [60mph] for fast capture.

up to 200m / 656ft
Data Rate
600,000 points per second [data acquisition] 10 Hz [scanning speed]
1 High-frame rate B/W Camera for visual odometry (4 MP)
4 Panoramic high-resolution 4K color cameras (8 MP), each camera with >90° HFOV and 55° VFOV provide full stitched 360° panorama
Integrated Trimble BD-990 receiver, AV28 antenna + PPK
Synchronized with map data for global registration
336 tracking channels
Supports other GNSS antennas, NTRIP
Laser accurate to ± 3cm / ± 1.18in
Battery Life
up to 3 hours scanning, hot swappable
.las or .ply files to import into CAD and 3D viewers such as Cloud Compare

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 29cm x 17.8cm x 18.7cm