NextCore RN50

  • A user frinedly system to suit more users
  • Accurate to 50mm
  • Lightening fast cloud based proccessing
  • Compatible with 3rd party RINEX ground stations
  • The only Drone LiDAR unit available with a 2 Years Warranty
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The RN series is a phenomenal upgradation to how the aerial 3D mapping is conducted. The RN series LiDAR are light weight, much faster than its earlier counterparts, inexpensive and boast of precision.


  • Superior Canopy Penetration
  • Truly Turn-Key: Specifically designed to create perfect LiDAR point clouds, every time. No complicated software or convoluted workflows needed.
  • Cloud-Based Automated Post-Processing: Automated Cloud post-processing of data removes the need for additional software and IT infrastructure to generate and manage LiDAR data.
  • Easily Integrated Across Drone Platforms: Self-contained data capturing tool.
  • Fast Data Turnaround: Automated QC and cloud-based post-processing allows the system to have processed data ready for use, often before you’re even back in the office.
  • Accessible LiDAR: Uses cutting-edge technology reducing the cost of capturing and processing high-quality spatial data.
  • Automated Capture of High-Quality Spatial Data: Combined with the flight planning app of your choice it allows you to capture perfect spatial data at the push of a few buttons.

LiDAR Sensor

  • Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe), 905nm
  • Field of Range: 20o Vertical / 360o Horizontal FOV
  • Laser Range: >150m @ 80% Relectivity
  • Number of Returns: 3
  • Dimensions in LiDAR Sensor: 1.0m/150m
  • Number of Lasers/Plane: 8
  • Recommended Scanning Height: AGL 20-60m
  • Scan Rate: 420k shots/s, upto 1.26M points/s

Case studies

Data – Road Survey