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Marvel Geospatial Solutions Is the Distributor for Nextcore Sensor and Software.

Visit NextCore Website – https://www.nextcore.co/


The invention of LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging Technology has brought about a remarkable change in the way geospatial measurement survey is conducted. It was first used in the 1960s and has come a long way in its uses, accuracy and adaptability.

Marvel Geospatial Solutions is a reputed company offering innovative, value added Engineering and Spatial Technology Solutions specializing in 3D mapping and surveying using cutting edge technology like LiDAR. At Marvel Geospatial Solutions, we offer a wide range of services from inception to completion with utmost accuracy, while focusing on continuous innovation and upgradation to enable us to deliver quality of highest standard. As part of this process, we take immense pride in partnering with NextCore as the distributor for NextCore’s RN-Series of LiDAR in India and Middle-East.

NextCore is an Australian based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations company. Established in 2012, NextCore has gained popularity with the invention of its very own UAV LiDAR unit and the much upgraded RN series.

NextCore offers 2 RN-Series LiDAR units. RN50 and RN100.

RN50 – Features

  • Superior Canopy Penetration
  • Truly Turn-Key: Specifically designed to create perfect LiDAR point clouds, every time. No complicated software or convoluted workflows needed.
  • Cloud-Based Automated Post-Processing: Automated Cloud post-processing of data removes the need for additional software and IT infrastructure to generate and manage LiDAR data.
  • Easily Integrated Across Drone Platforms: Self-contained data capturing tool.
  • Fast Data Turnaround: Automated QC and cloud-based post-processing allows the system to have processed data ready for use, often before you’re even back in the office.
  • Accessible LiDAR: Uses cutting-edge technology reducing the cost of capturing and processing high-quality spatial data.
  • Automated Capture of High-Quality Spatial Data: Combined with the flight planning app of your choice it allows you to capture perfect spatial data at the push of a few buttons.

RN100 – Features

  • Increased altitude and improved scanning time especially suited to steep and rugged terrain with thick vegetation.
  • Single-Ride Scan: Scans upto 80 hectares in a 10 m/s single ride, specifically built for the DJI m600
  • Automated Post-Processing: Combines the flight planning app that allows capturing perfect spatial data at the push of a button.
  • Accessible LiDAR: Uses cutting-edge technology reducing the cost of capturing and processing high-quality spatial data.
  • Base Station Friendly: The unit will work with any L1, L2 Base station or CORS Network that produces reliable GNSS data.
  • User Friendly: Easy to mount and easy to conduct the survey. No specific additional skills required.
  • Pulse to Return ratio: For every pulse, there are 3 returns which enhances the accuracy in multitudes.

Technical Specifications

Specifications (*on M600 with TB48 @ 50m line spacing)

  • Absolute Accuracy: <50mm RMSE @ 50m Range
  • PP Attitude Heading RMS Error: 0.03 degree IMU
  • Payload Weight: 1.8kg
  • Payload Dimensions: 16L x 12W x 23H (cms)
  • M600 Mounting Kit Weight: 0.6kg
  • M600 Mounting Kit Boom Span: 1.6m
  • Dimensions: 265H x 155L x 145W (mm)
  • Laser Range: >150m@80% Reflectivity
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20oC to +55oC
  • Flight Time on M600: 23 minutes (with TB48s)
  • Scan Area in one flight: 50 hectares*

LiDAR Sensor

  • Laser Properties: Class 1 (eye safe), 905nm
  • Field of Range: 20o Vertical / 360o Horizontal FOV
  • Laser Range: >150m @ 80% Relectivity
  • Number of Returns: 3
  • Dimensions in LiDAR Sensor: 1.0m/150m
  • Number of Lasers/Plane: 8
  • Recommended Scanning Height: AGL 20-60m
  • Scan Rate: 420k shots/s, upto 1.26M points/s
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