Highly Vegetated Steep Terrain

Surveying areas with steep and dense vegetation has always been difficult and expensive. Now with NextCore RN50, these areas can now be easily surveyed in a matter of hours with high levels of accuracy and very high detail.

The Quanergy LiDAR unit proves to be superior at gaining ground returns through thick vegetation compared with competitor products. Combined with the swift and simple workflow of the Nextcore RN50 gaining insight into thickly vegetated areas is easy.

Example data available from the link below highlights the NextCores ability to penetrate highly vegetated terrain with ease. The data is easily processed into accurate and detailed surface modelling and contours. Sites that featured highly vegetated steep terrain where ground surveys were unfeasible are now very possible.

Click the below button to view an example point cloud of a recent project one of our customers completed in Japan. The point cloud will open in the browser so no software is required to view this dataset.