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Marvel offers professional Terrestrial and Airborne LiDAR services that help map physical features with stunning resolutions. LiDAR technically uses a pulsed laser to measure topographic measurements of the earth’s surface. The reflected laser pulses coupled with other aerial digital imagery is assembled to produce a highly accurate and detailed 3-D image of the facility / landscape under consideration.

Airborne LiDAR

With Airborne LiDAR, the system is deployed on either a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft. The services offered include:

  • Flight Line Adjustments
  • Building Extractions
  • Contour Generation
  • Bare earth Extraction
  • Advanced as-built 3D Modelling
  • Planimetric Mapping

Various details of the exterior and interior of the landscape or facility can be modelled using 3-D scans. Some of the applications of LiDAR include:

  • Extremely accurate and detailed 3-D models of transmission lines
  • For analysis of road structure and elevation of highways, rail tracks etc. through Mobile LiDAR
  • Mapping the underside of bridges with the aid of a boat mounted LiDAR system
  • Scanning the interiors of buildings and structures to centimeter accuracy
  • Surveying in areas with remoteness and low accessibility
  • Inspection and mapping in dangerous and rough terrain viz. disaster prone areas

Mobile LiDAR

Marvel offers you the next big thing – LiDAR systems mounted on UAVs that are not just light-weight and compact but also don’t compromise on point cloud resolution and positional accuracy. These are completely integrated systems and quick to deploy on the field.

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