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3D Modelling

3D modelling finds a huge relevance in the contemporary industries & business houses for designing & analysis of products & services. 3D models are preferred to graphical object and find their applications in medical industry which relies on 3D organ modelling, the construction firms which use them to display their proposed landscaping & facilities and the movie industry to describe characters in the animated motion pictures.

The data source for any kind of 3D model is point coordinates from the surface of the structure or object. Marvel employs specialized software solutions to convert the images obtained from aerial imagery into a highly accurate, sophisticated 3D model.

Key features include:

  • Requires a considerably short time to capture an on-site image
  • Images can be captured from a distance, thus being a ‘non-touch’ technology, it can be considered for use in risky or inaccessible places
  • No large scale equipment needed
  • Resultant constructed model gives a more photo-realistic texture
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