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GIS MIS Integration

An enterprise cannot function effectively if an optimal flow/exchange of information is missing. This is where MIS comes to rescue. Management Information Systems facilitate operation of crucial data repositories that hold data of significant business value. This data can be used by groups, divisions or departments within the enterprise based on business requirements, or for knowledge sharing and use of best practices in general.

Integrating GIS with MIS takes ICT to the next level. There is no questioning the significance of geo-spatial data for businesses today. Location can be an important variable in understanding trends and tracking real time data.

Moreover, it has enormous value for lines that require monitoring of territories and analyzing trends. For instance, a forest department might wish to track and analyze details such as forest fires, encroachment, animal injury, man-animal conflict and more- all in real time. This can be made possible with the aid of GIS enabled smart phones or portable devices to track the location and a GIS-MIS System to view, track and analyze the findings.

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