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GIS Data Conversion

The increasing role of spatial information has contributed to an ever-increasing set of standards and range of data formats for use. Different computer systems employ source data in dissimilar formats. With Marvel’s leading data conversion software, data interoperability is no longer a tedious job.

Incompatible data formats can be a big challenge when migrating data across applications, this includes data that is non-digital (paper maps and other similar sources) and digital but in a different format. Our experienced team takes care of both these needs.

With the help of efficient software, analog data in the form of maps, reports and charts is scanned, manually digitized and converted into a standard GIS format. Non-traditional GIS data, such as satellite imagery, orthophotographs and digital terrain data which is often tedious to combine with GIS systems but yet is of an enormous value is seamlessly converted to an acceptable format that can be rendered by most common tools.

At Marvel, we believe that quality management must work alongside all work relating to GIS management. For use data conversion doesn’t stop at changing formats and making data more compatible for the next computer system or application software, but we guarantee that quality practices are meticulously followed and business standards are maintained.

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